Two Illinois Democrats Vote For Keystone Pipeline

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, two House of Representatives Democrats from Illinois reached across the isle and joined every house Republican from Illinois in voting in favor of the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. The two democrats were Cheri Bustos and Dan Lipinski. The Keystone Pipeline is the oil pipeline that will deliver oil from Hardisty, Alberta in Canada to oil refineries in Port Arthur and Houston, Texas. Much debate has focused around the economic boost that the Keystone oil pipeline will have. Bobby Rush, the Democratic House Member from Chicago stated that only around 35 full time jobs will be created, while at the same time, Peter Roskam, a Republican House member from Washington stated that 42, 000 American jobs would be created. That’s a big difference.

There is also debate in the environmental impact the Keystone Pipeline would have with Democrats emphasizing that the pipeline would be disastrous for the environment, while Republicans insist any damage would be nominal and well worth the economic boost that would come in return. For those injured in an auto accident, Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will provide assistance.

The measure passed the House 266-153 which is enough to pass the measure, but not enough to override the veto that President Obama has promised should the bill land on his desk. As stated in the Tribune: “This bill is dead on arrival if it ever reaches the president’s desk.” Bobby Rush. Mr. Rush, the House Democrat from Chicago has his claim to fame as the only person to ever defeat President Obama in an election, defeating the then State Senator in the 2000 primary for his House seat.

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